Our vineyard is located in Barrancas, Maipú, at 750 meters above sea level, on a landscape marked by canyons and ridges, and framed by the stunning Andean range that endows it with a special beauty. Its alluvial, stony soils are irrigated by the Mendoza River waters. Warm and sunny days give way to cool nights. presenting the perfect thermal amplitude for vine development. Annual rainfall is around 200 mm.

We have been inspired by the ancient cultural baggage of Alchemy while defining our approach towards viticulture: using the diversity and richness of micro terroirs, and their expression through our different iconic and emerging varietals, as a catalyst to the great macro conditions that Mendoza already offers. We believe that terroir expresses itself through vines and not the other way round. Our vines are our vehicle and the essence is in the alchemy.

We micro-manage our vineyards, taking care of every detail, approach our work with uncompromised quality, with respect, humility and passion, so that our fifth element, our wines, are simply amazing.